Alyssa and Pat Digneit



Alyssa and Pat Digneit
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Patrick Digneit was born in California (explaining why he knows how to party) but raised in metro Detroit. Pat grew up with a love for the outdoors leading him to become an Eagle Scout. Pat is thankful for his parents in pushing him to explore his creative outlets, which landed him in Marquette for a state ski meet and he knew in his heart that it would become his home. He started a successful business called Double Trouble Entertainment with his twin brother Bill in 2003 and later graduated from NMU with his degree in hospitality management. Then, he met Alyssa…
Alyssa Digneit (Pilot) was raised in Spread Eagle, WI. She grew up swimming, fishing, hiking, exploring and working hard on her family’s horse farm. Alyssa found her passion for the hospitality industry and food while working in her mother’s restaurant, The Chuckwagon, and cooking with her family. She attended NMU and also earned her degree in hospitality management. Then, she met Pat….
Under the fluorescent lights in a Jacobetti classroom, Pat first laid his eyes on Alyssa when she was giving a presentation for her ‘Main Event Fundraiser’ for the hospitality management program. Shortly after, he finally met her out with mutual friends and engaged in passionate conversation about traveling, food, family and past adventures. This conversation led to a first date filled with wine and bruschetta, multiple adventures including a trip across Europe, a short stint living in Royal Oak, and back to Marquette to start a business together. Pat and Alyssa now own and operate DIGS Gastropub in downtown Marquette. Owning the business for the past 3 years has been a crazy lifestyle change for them, but they squeeze in time to escape the country for fun – this year they plan to hike the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu while they practice their dance routine for DWOS!!

Their love for people led them to Thailand to shoot a documentary about Operation Aoy and host a fundraiser, which raised money for children in Thailand to supply them with adequate books, food, and uniforms during their school year. They both enjoy donating their time and passion to the community every year – through utilization of Double Trouble and DIGS they support many community and fundraising events by providing food, fun, and wild outfits!
Patrick & Alyssa want to live in a world filled with imaginative business opportunities, long romantic walks to the fridge and more sleeping space in their bed than their dogs! But overall, they are looking forward to this amazing journey filled with fundraising, friendships, dancing, and raised awareness for U.P. Hospice Foundation!

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