Lee and Adrian Francisco


Ironically, Lee and Adrian’s first date was a school dance their junior year of high school. Due to illness, a snowstorm, and car trouble, the date was a disaster, but the relationship continued. They graduated together from Forest Park High School in 1998 and moved to Marquette to attend NMU. Lee graduated from NMU in 2002 with a bachelor’s degree in Computer Information Systems. He was employed at NMU during his last two years of college as a PC tech with Microrepair. Adrian graduated the following year with her bachelor’s degree in elementary education. They were married in 2004. Lee continued to work for NMU and Adrian took a lead teaching position at St. Christopher’s Preschool.
In 2005 after finishing his Masters Degree in Training and Development at NMU, Lee founded his own technology company, 906 Technologies, working nights and weekends while continuing his full-time job at NMU. In 2007 Lee and Adrian welcomed their first-born child, son Bryce. Daughter Bailey followed in 2009. In 2010, Lee took a leap of faith and left NMU to work for 906 Technologies full time. Adrian also took on a new job, teaching 2nd grade at North Star Academy.
In 2012, their 3rd child, Audrey was born. Adrian became a certified Montessori teacher in 2015 and has been teaching Montessori preschool and kindergarten while also filling the role as childcare program director at North Star Montessori Academy. In 2018, Lee took another leap of faith and left 906 Technologies to pursue his next start up, Agrimote Solutions.
When they’re not busy working or running kids to activities, sporting events, and rehearsals, Lee and Adrian try to squeeze in a few hobbies. Lee enjoys golfing, watching movies, playing basketball with Bryce, and coming up with new ideas and solutions. Adrian likes to stay active. She enjoys running and has completed the Marquette Half Marathon twice in the past two years. She also enjoys taking the kids to the ski hill, hiking, cross country skiing, hitting the beach, perusing the antique stores, and going to the theater. Together, they enjoy getting together with their friends and all the kids to cook themed dinners and play cards.
Lee and Adrian have no dance experience but have been hosting a big New Year’s Lip Sync party for years where they’ve been known to have some fun dressing up performing with their family! They look forward to learning some new moves.

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